Supplemental supply units with RAINMASTER D or floating switch

The supplemental supply unit is delivered complete with wall mounting clamp, funnel, discharge hose and assembly material, and comes in two different models:

  • Supplemental supply unit with fill status RAINMASTER D 24 SMV-24-1/2-RMD-24
with float switch

• Supplemental supply unit with floating switch SMV-230-1/2-SCHW

System installation

The most common installation for a system with supplemental supply unit is illustrated in the figure below. In comparison to the RAINMASTER water suppy unit, it is important that the overflow is installed above the backwater level since there is a connection by the pipework  between the cistern and basement. Otherwise there is a possibility that water from the sewer could enter the basement if there is a back-wash.  

Installation with system
1. Supplemental supply unit 7. MULTI-IS submersible pump
2. RAINMASTER D 8. PLURAFIT inlet calmer
3. Mains water connection 9. Rainwater inlet pipe
4. Pressure line to fixtures 10. Protective conduit for pressure line and sensor cable
5. Level sensor 11. MD100 wall bushing
6. PURAIN rainwater filter  

Assembly, installation and maintenance

The INTEWA supplemental supply unit minimizes installation time. Improper installation of the  “air gap“, as per DIN EN1717 is excluded. The supplemental supply unit is to be installed above the so-called backwater level. As a general rule, the backwater level is usually street level.

  • The top edge of the funnel must be > 20 cm (3) above the backwater level.
  • An additional adequate dimensioned emergency overflow must be provided.
  • The supplemental supply (1) is to be piped frost-proof via a inlet calmer into the tank.
  • A submersible pump supplies the water to the fixtures (2).
Assembly, Installation and Maintenance

Supplemental supply unit with 230 V float switch

  • During the installation in the tank, this unit should not be connected to the mains power.
  • The float switch should be set to the desired height for on/off activation with adjustment of the cable weight.
  • After installation, the unhindered movement range of the float switch should be checked.
Refill unit with 230 volt float switch

Supplemental supply unit with 24 V RAINMASTER D 24

  • For setting the mains water top-up level, see instructions for RMD-24
Refill unit with 24 Volt RAINMASTER D24

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